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How to Reinforce Your Home’s Defenses

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Summer is the time many San Diego families leave for the holidays. Imagine all the homeowners in America’s Finest City that go on vacation at the same time—this would leave many homes along the approximately 370 square-mile city stretch unattended. If you want to make sure that no aspiring burglar would even dare to cross the threshold into your home, wise up and gear up your property with some basic home security measures.

Go on lockdown mode.

Don’t just lock every entryway into your house. Make sure that your locks actually work and won’t break easily. This means that a few weeks before your trip, you should inspect the condition of every lock in your home and have a locksmith reinforce the worn ones or those that are about to give out anytime soon.

Light up the dark.

Exterior lighting is often enough of a deterrent against potential burglaries, so make sure that your home is well-lit for the night, most especially when you’re away.

Install a home security system.

Another way you can protect your home when on vacation is to invest in a security and alarm monitoring services provided by a reputable security system company. This way, the proper authorities can be alerted to any potential threat, not just from break-ins, but also from other emergencies like fires.

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Alarm Systems: Protecting Your Home and Community

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Security is an essential part of life. Without security, one can easily fall victim to worry, paranoia, and even direct harm. Fortunately, trusted security companies exist to provide homes with top-of-the-line burglar alarms, locks, cameras, and other security devices for that much-needed sense of security.

Not sure if an alarm system is worth the investment? Consider the following perks that alarm systems provide:

Effective Deterrent

Before would-be burglars attempt to break into a home, they do a preliminary assessment of their target. Hence, in this aspect, the easiest way for you to prevent a burglary is by making your house look tough to rob. With the alarm box present on the outside of your home and cameras mounted on all corners of your house, evildoers are least likely to try and invade your home.

Help Neighbors

Apparently, a dependable alarm system isn’t only limited to protecting you and your family, but your community as well. When your alarm system is triggered, your neighbors can be instantly alerted to an emergency.

Of course, the degree of protection that an alarm system can provide will depend on the features, services, and technology that you choose to invest in. To start you off on the right path, consult professionals of a leading security company and get to know your best home security options.

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What You Can Do to Protect Your Home from Burglars

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San Diego is a big city, and like any big city, it has its fair share of burglary cases that leave both properties and lives in danger. Which is why efficient security companies exist to help homeowners protect their valuables—and their lives—from the hands of criminals. That said, there are many ways homeowners can protect themselves from becoming successful targets for burglars.

No Showboating

One problem with clear-glass doors and windows is that potential burglars can easily scope out the interiors of your house without trying too hard, and if you have expensive stuff lying around where people outside can see them, you might as well just count down the days to an eventual break-in. The same goes for valuable items that you leave outside, such as unchained bikes.

Protect Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be very flimsy when it comes to home protection, as they could easily be popped out of their frames even if they’re locked. One way you can avoid this is by setting a steel bar or dowel into the back groove for protection. Moreover, you can secure sliding windows by installing metal grilles so the burglars couldn’t get inside even if they manage to open them.

It’s also important that you invest in efficient security systems or even home monitoring services by reliable security companies. You can never be too safe when pretty much everything that you hold dear in your own home is left unprotected by the lack of any security features or precautions that would deter thieves from targeting your home.

How to Have an Efficient Home Security System

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Burglars are becoming more fearless nowadays, so citizens are encouraged to heighten their home security to protect themselves against these audacious intruders. Then again, while installing security cameras around the premises can help foil and capture suspected thieves, such devices can only do so much to help homeowners defend their properties. Additionally, similar security products such as alarms, motion detectors, and the like can raise attention in breached areas of a house, yet they won’t always be within earshot of the homeowner.

To create a truly efficient home security system, homeowners will have to coordinate with professional home security services to integrate advanced monitoring features. Home security systems can’t just stop at making loud noises to scare off trespassers; they should also be able to properly warn homeowners. It would also help if the systems can automatically notify the authorities of trouble the moment it’s detected. Adding a layer of automation and remote warning is possible with the help of a reliable home security monitoring company.

Monitored security systems are much more effective than regular systems that lack support. With a team of professionals constantly overseeing the security of your house, you can rest assured that your residence is in very good hands, even if you’re out of town. Additionally, having monitored security systems in place can guarantee a quick response from the authorities, as the monitoring service quickly alerts the respective emergency department as soon as the alarms are tripped.

Getting to Know Your Home Security System Well

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There’s nothing riskier than installing a home security system without knowing how it works. Chances are you have no idea how to set it to the right configuration or you may fail to activate the sensors and render the entire system useless. Before you make mistakes you might regret, get to know at least the basic components of your home security system.

A home security system has three major components: control panel, keypad, and sensors. You can better understand their functions by simply looking at your computer system. The control panel of a security system can be likened to a computer’s central processing unit (CPU). It does what command you will input through the keypad, including when and how it will set off the alarm.

As mentioned, the control panel only follows what you program through the keypad. This component functions like the computer keyboard where you key in the information and command you want the system to interpret and perform. You can use the keypad to set the system alarm’s volume, disarm it when necessary, and activate only the sensors you need.

On the other hand, the sensors’ function is to detect activity or movement that the control panel is programmed to identify as a trigger for the alarm. Once such activity is detected, a signal is sent to the control panel and the alarm will be set off. You can install sensors on your doors, windows, and any part of the house that can be accessed from outside.  

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Is a Home Security System a Worthwhile Investment?

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Perhaps you’ve considered putting off the idea of installing a home security system because you see it as an unnecessary expenditure. Just because your city has a low crime rate, however, doesn’t mean that your home is completely safe from potential break-ins. Here are some common reasons that will convince you to install a security alarm in your home:

Crime Deterrence

Burglary isn’t the only crime trespassers can commit in your property. They can also hurt you or a family member. A home security system functions to deter any potential crime. Before you regret doing something to keep your family from harm, consider installing a security system now. This will offer you peace of mind.

Fire Prevention

Home security systems are not only designed to deter burglary and other crimes. They are also equipped with technology that can detect potential fire hazards. When the sensor detects smoke coming from inside your home, the security alarm system will be set off. A home security system is your most effective tool for protecting your assets.

Distance Monitoring

When the entire family is leaving town for a week-long vacation, the house is left unprotected from both trespassing and fire. Instead of hiring a caretaker, why not just install a home security system that comes with a monitoring service? When the sensors detect potential crime or a fire, they will automatically alert the security system company, who in turn will contact the nearest police station or fire department to send help.

From 9-1-1 to a Single Button

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America’s emergency hotline, 9-1-1, stemmed from Britain’s own hotline, 9-9-9, in 1937. The first call ever made reported a burglar outside the Beard residence at 4:20 a.m. Stanley Beard chased the burglar who was attempting to break into the home while his wife called 9-9-9. The would-be thief, Thomas Duffy, was apprehended and charged accordingly 

The U.S. followed suit in 1968 with AT&T’s implementation of the 9-1-1 system as a response to Congress’ call for a nationwide emergency system. The first 9-1-1 call occurred in Alabama the same year but not as an actual emergency but a test call. Since then, 9-1-1 has gone through significant changes to make emergency responses much faster.

Three digits clearly have an advantage over the traditional ten digits, especially when you don’t know the phone number of the nearest police station. Today’s crimes, however, tend to happen virtually in the blink of an eye, maybe even faster than you can dial three digits. What if you find yourself in a situation where there’s no time to talk to an operator?

That’s the rationale behind the one-push system. Instead of three digits, a single button will immediately take the caller to the operator, saving precious seconds of call time. It may not sound like much, but if the thieves are armed, those precious seconds can save lives. 

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